There are several ways you can partner with Grace House through giving.


   – OR – 

online giving

    – OR – 



Product Donations

People often ask about our material needs for the residents of Grace House. The items we are most blessed to receive are toiletries (examples: soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, deodorant, face scrubs), and tampons!

Grace House also has a Wish List on Amazon. If your small group, family, Sunday School class, or any other group want to donate to Grace House, our wish list is a great way to do that!


Thank you so much for your partnership with Grace House!

Donations are solicited with the understanding that Antioch’s Board has complete discretion and control over all donated funds. In practice, the Board implements donor instructions whenever possible. In case a gift cannot be used as indicated by the donor, it will be applied to other important functions of Antioch.

2 thoughts on “WAYS TO DONATE

    1. Grace House

      Hi Danielle! Thank you so much for reaching out! Yes you can donate those items to our main office. 505 N. 20th St 76707. Thanks again!



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