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my story of God’s grace


By Sharon Young

My life before The Grace House was a drunken blur.  I stayed drunk ALL the time.  I couldn’t keep a job and was useless to everyone especially the ones I cared the most about, my family.  I have done all sorts of drugs, including I.V. drugs which is how I got Hepatitis C., a virus that causes liver disease.  I went in and out of detox center and rehab two times.  Continue reading

chastity’s story

photo-9The Holy Spirit brought to mind the song “God of the Impossible” as we were driving to Chastity’s new house in the country to celebrate a lady’s birthday. I thought of Chastity’s story and the remarkable stories of the ladies’ in the car driving with me. I was thinking about how God brought us all together from different backgrounds, made us a family and how He is the God of reconciliation. God has reconciled Chastity with her family. Continue reading