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Leaving the Ninety-Nine

The summer before we opened Grace House, our addiction recovery home for women, we spent a lot of time as a team dreaming about what God had in store for the future of the home.  One afternoon as I was spending time with Jesus in Grace House, God pushed on one of my buttons that I didn’t even know existed. I heard Him simply ask me, “Missy, are you willing to do all this for just one woman?” Honestly, the question took me by surprise and I was somewhat offended. Without realizing it, I had come to believe that my actions held more significance if I was doing more, if I  built larger programs and created systems that would help reshape the masses. To this day, I’m still so stirred hearing about entire movements of people coming to know the Lord, but I’ve also had to come to accept the reality that one of the core messages of Jesus was about valuing the person right there in front of me.


In that intimate moment with God, part of me wanted to respond wholeheartedly to the question, but I knew I had to be willing to let the idea of “bigger equals better” fall to the ground and die.  Eventually, I discovered that in surrendering my lofty ideas, my eyes were opened to see His Kingdom through a lens I never even knew existed.

In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus tells us a story of a shepherd who had 100 sheep and discovered one of them was lost. Jesus said the shepherd left the 99 sheep in the field and went after the one who was lost. He was willing to be inconvenienced and sacrifice greatly to go after that one sheep. When he came back with the lost sheep, he didn’t return with his eyes rolling in frustration, put out by the extra effort.  On the contrary, he returned rejoicing, inviting his friends to celebrate with him because he was able to bring his lost sheep home.

The majority of the women who walk through the doors of Grace House are weary and broken. When they apply to the program and we ask them why they want long-term treatment, the overarching message we hear is, “I’m dying and I need God’s help to show me how to live.” As we get to know them, we hear the same story retold again and again: beautiful girls robbed of their innocence in early childhood and left to survive through any means they knew how. This eventually leads them to use drugs and alcohol to self-medicate, which quickly spirals into full-on addiction. They suffer the loss of their beautiful personalities Jesus formed before the foundation of the world.


Someone must be willing to enter into the suffering that runs throughout their story and walk with them one step at a time to help them find the way out.

Whether or not your life looks like mine, spending my days sitting with the Good Shepherd as women are healed, all of us are being invited to help His lost sheep come home.  We are all invited to be extensions of the pursuit of Heaven to broken and vulnerable people around us.


Is there someone God has put on your heart to love and invest in? Ask God how you can encourage them this week. If you can’t think of anyone, ask God to show you someone in your workplace, at school or in your neighborhood that you can encourage and reach out to.

By Missy Morris – Grace House Program Director

New Coach at Grace House!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce the newest Coach at Grace House, Kimberly West!  Kimberly has an amazing life story, one laced with a theme of serving the broken and addicted.  Her wisdom, life-experience and giftings are a perfect fit for our program.  Here’s a little more info from Kimberly herself!

I  graduated from Asbury University in 1997, where I majored in Social Work. In 1999, my husband and I were married and quickly moved to Kathmandu, Nepal  to serve Jesus among the poorest of the poor. While in Nepal,  we helped establish a ministry, which consisted of both a home for girls and an outreach to young men with addictions.  We left Nepal in 2008, moving to Omaha, Nebraska, where I volunteered at church as well as in our neighborhood. My husband and I have four children ranging from 11-17 years old.

In August 2017, we moved to Waco for my husband’s job with Antioch Ministries International.  While we came here for his job, I feel like working at Grace House is an answer to so many of my dreams, prayers,  and desires. I am very excited to be serving at Grace House and to see my skills and experiences put to use.

New Faces at Grace House

In addition to three new residents coming into the program over the past few months, we also have some new faces on our staff!  They’ve each shared a little about themselves below.

Adriane, Intern

Hello, my name is Adriane McCauley. I moved to Waco in 1998 from Austin. Being a new believer in Christ and new in recovery, I wanted to know more about God. I moved here to go through a ministry school offered by a local church–I was hungry for God and desired to be transformed, healed and set free from a life of addiction.  Since giving my life to Jesus, he has transformed me and has given me a passion for helping others walking in recovery. I came to an Antioch service in May and heard God say, “this is your home.” Soon after, I found out about Grace House and jumped in. I have been a volunteer at Grace House this past year and when the intern position came up, I knew that was where I needed to be. I’m so excited about this opportunity to serve at Grace House. Thank you Jesus!

Marissa, Resident Assistant

Hello, my name is Marissa Rush and I just moved here from San Diego. I was born in Irving, TX but raised in California. They say home is where the heart is, and somehow I always knew I would end up back in Texas. I just didn’t think it would happen so soon after I graduated college this past May. In March when the Lord called me here, but I had no idea what I was going to be doing; then the Lord opened a door to live at Grace House as the Resident Assistant. I couldn’t imagine a better job, and I love being close to my family. I have a sister in Dallas, and another sister, mom, and dad are southwest of Houston. I love coffee and people, and I may seem shy at first, but it doesn’t take long to break out of my shell.

Christina, Baylor Social Work Intern

I am originally from Knoxville, Tennessee and graduated from Carson-Newman University with a Bachelor’s in Psychology as well as a minor in Religion and Mental Health. I moved to Waco, Texas two years ago to begin my Master’s program. I’m a dual degree student with Truett Seminary and the Diana Garland School of Social Work at Baylor University. I am currently interning at Grace House as part of the social work requirements. I hope to complete this year-long internship with a better understanding of the addiction recovery process as well as the integration of faith and practice. I’m proud to be working alongside Grace House.


Positions Open at Grace House!

Grace House is currently looking to fill two positions.  Please send your resume to if you are interested!

Resident Assistant

Grace House in Waco is looking for a Resident Assistant!  What is a Resident Assistant? An RA lives at Grace House, and assists the program by being a nighttime presence in the home (sleeping, but available to call/support the staff at night if needed in rare instances). An RA is not a coach or counselor, and does not fill any shifts during the day.  She is a single woman who would have her own room, and would need to be in the home by 9pm three nights/week.  The other four nights are covered by other volunteers, so you can come home whenever you’d like or even spend the night out. 

The compensation is FREE RENT, free utilities, meals provided, and the love and encouragement of a Jesus-centered home environment.  The home, which is 5 blocks from Antioch, was built in the early 1900s by the Cameron family and has been recently updated.

What qualifications are we looking for in a RA?  A Grace House RA needs to love Jesus, be involved in a Lifegroup, and be an encouraging presence to those around her.  She should be someone who can enforce policy with kindness and speak truth in love.

This role is a 6-12 month commitment, depending on the desire of the candidate.  It is perfect for someone who feels they may be called to work with the marginalized or in addiction recovery, and would like to get a behind-the-scenes look into this sort of ministry.

Intern, part-time

The intern role is for someone who may be interested in going into full-time ministry with addiction recovery or feels called to invest 20 hours/week in serving in this capacity. She would be responsible for many of the same responsibilities as a coach, but would be working under supervision and active coaching from the Grace House staff.  A stipend of $160/week is paid to interns. Some of her tasks would include:

  • Being a supportive presence to both residents and staff
  • Giving rides to residents going to appointments and work
  • Making breakfast for new women
  • Helping lead women through Seven Steps to Freedom
  • Providing support to staff who are coordinating shifts in which she is serving
  • Taking women to church and helping prepare women for work through assisting with volunteer opportunities
  • Helping staff lead devotionals
  • Attending Grace House staff meetings
  • Serving new women in the home during phase 1 as needed
  • Leading out in fun activities with residents
  • Assisting staff in special events such as birthday parties, volunteer appreciation days and World Mandate
  • Helping staff implement discipleship lessons
  • Giving feedback and making observations regarding house dynamics

Silent Auction Bid Guide – A Night With Grace House 2017

We will be auctioning off some really beautiful, fun, and valuable items at our annual event this year!  Look through the list below and start making your plans for what you’ll go for!

  1. Grace House Basket Handmade Lavender Sugar Scrubs, Prayer Pouches & Recipe Book from the Grace House Ladies, Mother Goose Cookie Jar with Homemade Cookies. Value: Priceless ($50)
  2. Antioch Basket Antioch Coffee Mug, 2 UnBound T-Shirts, 3 Books, 1 Antioch CD. $60 value
  3. 2-in-1 Basket A Night In (popcorn, candy, movies) and A Night Out (purse, wallet, jewelry). $225value
  4. Hey Sugar Basket Various Old-Fashion Candies and a Root Beer. $30 value
  5. Lovely by JSL Gift Set Tea Towel, 2 Pairs of Earrings, and Candle. $70 value
  6. Chrysler Building Lithograph Limited Edition Lithograph by Alexander Chen. $250 value
  7. Central Park Lithograph Limited Edition Lithograph by Alexander Chen. $250 value
  8. Interior Glow Sign Metal “Let Your Light Shine” wall sign from Interior Glow. $85 value
  9. Corpus Christi Condo 3-night stay in a beachfront condo in Corpus Christi. $450 value
  10. Baylor Bib Set by Just Peachy and Build-A-Bear. $68 value
  11. Gray Bib Set by Just Peachy. $45 value
  12. Georgio’s Earrings & David Tutera necklace. $105 value
  13. Georgio’s David Tutera Earrings. $75 value
  14. Premier Designs Iris Necklace. $49 value
  15. Premier Designs Psalm 41 Necklace. $44 value
  16. Harp Design Tray, Kitchen Towel & Magnet. $82 value
  17. Hope Rising Ring. $30 value
  18. Fairy Crown Ring. $30 value
  19. New Beginnings Ring. $30 value
  20. Large Decorative Lantern. $50 value
  21. The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift $500 to Texas Star Tire and Auto, Twin Rivers Golf, Outback Gift Card, Kingz Haircut & Shave. $710value
  22. Dad’s Day Out Cottonwood Creek Golf for two, Twisted Root giftcard, Kingz Haircut & Shave. $153 value
  23. Fun on the Green Lake Waco golf for two, gold tumbler, $60 to HOT Dog House. $120 value
  24. Fun in the Sun Hawaiian Falls tickets for two, $40 to HOT Dog House, cooler, and sunscreen. $127 value
  25. Here’s to Your Health Yoga Pod 1 month membership, Orange Theory-4 workout sessions, House of Healing 1-hr massage, & $50 to Oh My Juice. $321 value
  26. Waco Weekend Waco Tours-2 seats, one night stay at Hymnsinger House, $60 to World Cup Cafe, & 5 tickets to Texas Sports Hall of Fame. $563 value
  27. Staycation Waco Escape Rooms for 2, $25 to Spice Village, $50 to Practically Pikasso, one night at Fairfield Inn, & dinner at Papa Rollo’s. $271 value
  28. Summer Ellis necklace, custom-made for A Night with Grace House. $78 value
  29. Lifegroup Night Out 30 AMF Passes, 30 U-Swirl Yogurts. $366 value
  30. Bowling Birthday Party 20 AMF Passes, $45 to Jason’sDeli. $145 value
  31. Family Summer Fun Pack Family Bundle at Peter Piper Pizza, party for 4 at Chuck E. Cheese, Lunar Golf for 4, & 5 free subs at Jersey Mike’s. $151 value
  32. Dog Days of Summer Dogtopia spa session for you pup and dog toys. $42-87 value
  33. Treat Yo‘Self Skin and Body Refinery package (massage, facial, mani, brow wax & lash lift), Spice Village basket with $20 gift card, & $20 to Ninfa’s. $204 value
  34. Couple’s Get Away One night & breakfast for 2 at the Hilton Waco, dinner for 2 at Chuy’s, Pear Candle, & $50 to Pura Vida Spa. $288 value
  35. Girls Day Out Lunch for 2 at Sironia Café, $150 to Hippie Chic Salon, 2 spray tans at Tanfastic. $210 value
  36. Light Fixture $50 value
  37. Pampered from Head to Toe Wash, blowdry, and style at Asylum Salon, Tokyo Milk Lotion set, & a 1-hr Healthy Facial at Massage Envy. $195 value
  38. Experience Salon Blowout and Spray Tan $74 value
  39. Day on the River 1-hr rental for 2 from Pura Vida Paddle and $20 to Buzzard Billy’s. $58 value
  40. Sweetness Bakery 8” cake.
  41. Magnolia Basket Decorative metal bin, wall art, Magnolia Journal, t-shirt, hat, etc. $400 value
  42. Prophetic Painting by Krissy Davis. $800 value
  43. Keep it Clean 4 oil changes at Texas Star Tire & Auto, window cleaning from Pressure Cleaning Solutions. $480 value