Positions Open at Grace House!

Grace House is currently looking to fill two positions.  Please send your resume to hr@antiochcc.net if you are interested!

Resident Assistant

Grace House in Waco is looking for a Resident Assistant!  What is a Resident Assistant? An RA lives at Grace House, and assists the program by being a nighttime presence in the home (sleeping, but available to call/support the staff at night if needed in rare instances). An RA is not a coach or counselor, and does not fill any shifts during the day.  She is a single woman who would have her own room, and would need to be in the home by 9pm three nights/week.  The other four nights are covered by other volunteers, so you can come home whenever you’d like or even spend the night out. 

The compensation is FREE RENT, free utilities, meals provided, and the love and encouragement of a Jesus-centered home environment.  The home, which is 5 blocks from Antioch, was built in the early 1900s by the Cameron family and has been recently updated.

What qualifications are we looking for in a RA?  A Grace House RA needs to love Jesus, be involved in a Lifegroup, and be an encouraging presence to those around her.  She should be someone who can enforce policy with kindness and speak truth in love.

This role is a 6-12 month commitment, depending on the desire of the candidate.  It is perfect for someone who feels they may be called to work with the marginalized or in addiction recovery, and would like to get a behind-the-scenes look into this sort of ministry.

Intern, part-time

The intern role is for someone who may be interested in going into full-time ministry with addiction recovery or feels called to invest 20 hours/week in serving in this capacity. She would be responsible for many of the same responsibilities as a coach, but would be working under supervision and active coaching from the Grace House staff.  A stipend of $160/week is paid to interns. Some of her tasks would include:

  • Being a supportive presence to both residents and staff
  • Giving rides to residents going to appointments and work
  • Making breakfast for new women
  • Helping lead women through Seven Steps to Freedom
  • Providing support to staff who are coordinating shifts in which she is serving
  • Taking women to church and helping prepare women for work through assisting with volunteer opportunities
  • Helping staff lead devotionals
  • Attending Grace House staff meetings
  • Serving new women in the home during phase 1 as needed
  • Leading out in fun activities with residents
  • Assisting staff in special events such as birthday parties, volunteer appreciation days and World Mandate
  • Helping staff implement discipleship lessons
  • Giving feedback and making observations regarding house dynamics

Let us know your thoughts

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