Grace House Graduation!

Every time a lady graduates from the Grace House program, it is a BIG deal!  We recently had a young woman complete the program, and she is now thriving in life-involved in community, serving as a reading mentor, working, and planning on starting a discipleship training school in just a few weeks!  Here is Sara’s story in her own words.

When I first came into Grace House, I was battling an eating disorder (bulimia) and substance abuse, leaving me hopeless and dying. With an angry heart towards God and towards myself, it kept me from moving forward in my healing journey. The Staff believed for me in times I couldn’t. The way they fought for me, served me and the other ladies in the home, chipped away the walls I had built up on the inside. One of the biggest things the Lord spoke was, “I will love the hurt out of you.” No matter how hard to get I was, His love has won me over. He cares for our wellbeing and He remains faithful even when we are not.  He provided a safe place to heal from all the years of trauma. He wanted me back in His arms and that is just what He did. He drew me with cords of loving kindness. My stone, stubborn heart became a tender responsive heart. The healing I received during my time at Grace House will always mark my life by the Faithfulness of God.

Here are some highlights from Grace House… 

  • Relationship with God restored and my heart able to love again 
  • Having a safe place to heal 
  • Discovery of my gifting and restoration of dreams 
  • Growth, learning how to live in recovery 
  • November 15,2016 graduated from Grace House.

One thing that really impacted me and made me deeply trust the staff was watching them while the house closed down due to lack of funding (in 2015).  I got to watch the sweat, tears, time, and sacrifices they spent to get the house back open.  They stayed involved in my life—I call myself their backpack baby—and kept providing me with curriculum for class, spending time with me, and coaching me toward recovery.  They’ve  been mothers to me.

Now that I’m able to look past myself and my own pain, I’m excited to give out what I’ve been given.  I can’t wait to minister to other girls who are going through what I went through.  One of the major things the Lord did during my time at Grace House was breaking off anger.  I contended so much for the anger to leave.  I was so angry with God that my attitude was literally that His words didn’t mean a thing to me.  But something I received from Grace House was a restoration of that relationship with God.  There is just no way I could have done it on my own.  I am now at a place where I have been receiving love from the Lord and able to love him back.  It has literally changed my life.


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