Open House Question and Answer!

Check out our video ( about this amazing opportunity happening this Sunday, June 26th from 2:00-4:00! We hope you can join us!

What makes Grace House such a unique treatment program? What happens in Grace House each day? Why is Grace House an entire year program? We would love to invite all those who have invested in or are interested in learning more about our program to have a tour of our home. Come and experience an up close and personal glimpse of the life and journey that we call Grace House. Hear stories of some of the ladies of Grace House and what this home has meant to them.

We recently had a fire that provided the opportunity for some much needed repairs and upgrades to our home. We are so thankful for your donations and support of the Grace House and we would love to invite you to come and see our newly restored home.

We will offer short tours for groups of 10-12 people at a time, ending with a time of Q&A and refreshments. If you are interested in attending our event please email us!

Thank you for all you do to support the Grace House!

The Grace House Team

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