Relational Restoration


Addiction holds people hostage. As a Grace House Coach, the opportunity to listen, pray, model healthy behaviors, and point the ladies to the love of the Lord is a daily privilege.
Along the way there are teachable moments where the ladies learn appropriate conversations, attire, and general life skills.
One huge reality we confront is unhealthy relationships. On a personal level, I am so thankful to have learned how to set healthy boundaries with loved ones who have not yet found the freedom from addiction that only Christ can bring. I truly understand the dangers of enabling an addict. Part of my role in the home is to help raise awareness and educate the ladies in the area of codependency.  Our goal is to help teach the ladies how to make healthy choices and depend on Jesus instead.
Often, unhealthy relational attachments have been formed which have been wrongly perceived as love, acceptance, and the approval that we all long for.
By the grace of God, His strength is tearing down these strongholds.

Written by Kara Morton

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