There is much to be thankful for around the Grace House this month! Grace House has re-opened its doors, fully staffed and fully funded!

On Monday, October 26th, we were back up and running, and one by one the women have come in – broken and desperate for healing. The staff is continuing to conduct interviews & we expect to have a full house by Thanksgiving!

It has been an incredible journey getting to this point, and we can’t say “Thank you!” enough to the many people who helped us. We pray blessings upon blessings to everyone who has invested in this ministry! Whether it was giving financially, helping us with our fundraising event, volunteering  your physical labor to help us get the home ready, donating items from our wish list, or partnering with us in prayer, you have all been invaluable to us in this process! Grace House is once again a home, and we are excited for what God will do in this season for the courageous women who come in.

The new ladies are getting settled in, learning new routines and discovering what it looks like to be part of the Grace House family. Recovery from addiction is hard work, but we are thankful that part of the way He heals our hearts is by having fun. This week they made sand castles and wrote on rocks as part of a lesson from Luke, chapter 6, which challenges us to embrace Christ as our unshakable and immovable foundation! They also got creative carving pumpkins!

Again…thank you to everyone who has joined us in this incredible journey. You have a share in a beautiful inheritance!


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