God At Work

IMG_0663God Is at Work!

Our first woman in the transition apartment is loving her new full-time job! She is discovering the joys of providing for herself while learning how to incorporate healthy boundaries, which support her long-term recovery.

Another lady has begun working full-time in order to meet her probation requirements, and at the same time is continuing her Grace House curriculum in the evenings. The curriculum she is currently studying is called Boundaries.  Working at a new job with people from many different backgrounds is providing her many opportunities to put healthy boundaries into place.

Two of the women are now attending Antioch’s night discipleship school.  This is allowing them the opportunity to form new relationships within the Antioch community. One of them is working part-time while the other is excited to be making preparations to transition out of Grace House.   She will be moving into a new community living environment.

In addition to those who are in the later phases of the program, we have one woman who is at the front end of her journey. She is continually discovering the goodness of God in the midst of her new season of healing.

What Is Needed?

Volunteers! While we have an excellent team of dedicated volunteers, we need to grow that team.  We are so grateful for each and every woman who steps into Grace House to give themselves to the work of this ministry! We’ve said it before and we will keep saying it…we cannot do this without our volunteers!

If you are looking for a place to serve Jesus and bless these women, we would love to envision you for this ministry! Just hit reply to this email and we will arrange a meeting with you.

Bears and Pizza

At every Baylor home game you’ll find our staff, volunteers, and Grace House ladies  serving up Papa John’s pizza at the brand new McLane Stadium! A percentage of the sales go to support our ministry; so if you’re at the game, grab a slice of pizza and help support a great cause! SIC ‘EM BEARS!


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