Epic Sunday

missy sermonAn Epic Sunday…

On July 27th, our director, Missy Morris, preached the Sunday sermon as part of Antioch’s Health of the House series. She did an amazing job speaking on the topic of rejection…a subject we all deal with in varying degrees. But what made it a truly epic Sunday was that she had Angela, our Grace House woman who is now living in the transition home, join her onstage and give the five minute version of her testimony! We could not be more proud of both of them. Click HERE to watch or listen to the sermon online. You will be blessed!

A Sad Farewell…

For the month of July, we were blessed with two incredible interns! Beth Zumwalt came to us from Antioch Knoxville in order to serve our home and learn more about working in a Christian residential recovery environment. Beth quickly became family to both staff and the women at Grace House, jumping into the rhythm of the house with an incredible servant’s heart. She loved and served Grace House well during her stay with us, and she was so much fun to have around!

Alyssa Shoemaker also spent the summer as a Grace House intern. Alyssa’s faithfulness and willingness to do whatever was needed was an incredible blessing! Whether the house was peaceful, or the emotions that come with recovery were evident, Alyssa remained a steady presence in the home; a presence we were so thankful to have with us! We are fortunate enough to have her continue with us as a weekly volunteer, but will still miss seeing her face on a daily basis.

Both of these women are incredible servants of Jesus and blessings to all of us at Grace House. We were lucky to have them with us, and wish them both all the best as they continue on in their journey!

Looking Ahead…

Our women are spreading their wings! One is living in the transition house and just began a new job, and another is moving in with a family in the Antioch community. Two more are now seeking employment and one of them will be attending the Antioch Discipleship (night) School beginning in the next couple of weeks. And, our newest woman is healing and getting more and more freedom in Jesus every week! The house is busy with new adventures!

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