What’s Coming!

New Places…

The month of June will find the Grace House women enjoying the wide open spaces of Missouri! They will head out on May 31st and return June 21st after spending three weeks on the family ranch of our Director, Missy Morris. They will continue their class work while also enjoying the fresh air and change of scenery (along with riding horses, canoeing on the river and fellowship with Missy’s family and extended church family).  It’s a wonderful opportunity for the women to enjoy a change in routine.

And New Faces…

Our newest woman is settling in and bonding with both staff and the other ladies. A very difficult road led her to Grace House, but her healing journey with Jesus has already brought new life to her countenance! We are so thankful to have her with us and look forward to walking the journey with her.

And the Garage is Almost a Home!

Just a few more touches (carpet and appliances) and our transition home will be ready for its first resident! But, it still needs all the little things that make a house/garage a home. Many have expressed an interest in purchasing items for this new space, so we now have a gift registry at Target (it’s a wedding registry because that seemed more fitting than a baby registry, our only other option)! Our registry name is Waco Grace House.

Let us know your thoughts

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