d9f8b0a2-c9db-450e-ad81-75df2f9c7f9bTHANK YOU! THANK YOU!

There are several pillars upon which Grace House rests, and this month we want to express our deepest gratitude to one of them. Without our volunteers, the work done at Grace House would be impossible.

They come in to walk alongside both the women and the staff, offering their time, their friendship and their hearts to us in a variety of ways. Running errands, fixing lunch, cleaning, overseeing class times, accompanying the women as they volunteer in the community, teaching art classes, going on walks with the women, taking the women to life group and church events, leading prayer ministry times and sitting in on time together with God are just some of the many ways our volunteers spend their time at Grace House.

The work at Grace House ranges from intensely emotional to the everyday, mundane tasks involved in running a home. Our volunteers walk in and offer themselves to the work, willing to do whatever is asked of them and in doing so, they significantly lighten the load carried by the staff.

So, to every woman who gives, or has given her time, energy and her heart into Grace House, we shout “THANK YOU!” from the rooftops! You are incredible! You are a tremendous blessing, and we could not do what we do without you!

We’ve also received a new lady into the home!!! An update on her will follow in the coming months.

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