They’re Back!

The Girls Are Back in Town

On March 13th, 6 charter buses left Waco headed for Baton Rouge. The Grace House women and two staff members were among the 300 people that went on Antioch’s Family Mission Trip. They returned on March 16th tired but excited and full of stories about what God had done. We want to share some of the highlights of those stories with you.

The bus ride…

Yes, the bus ride from Waco to Baton Rouge was a highlight for several of the Grace House team. For the women, it was the first extended interaction with people outside of Grace House since they entered the house. The long ride allowed them to get to know and begin to feel connected with members of the Antioch community.

The families…

Watching Antioch families interact with one another, seeing how they parent their children and love one another was something the women talked about. For most of them, it was their first glimpse of healthy, godly parenting and family life and they really enjoyed it. They particularly liked watching the way our men loved their wives and children, and how they interacted with other people, including the ladies from Grace House. Again, for most, it was their first experience with healthy, honoring, godly men. This brief, 4 day look at men and families was a message of hope for all of them!

Also, watching the Antioch family at large love the people of Baton Rouge was a highlight. One of the women said, “I am so proud to be a part of this church that loves people so well!”

The salvations…

A child at the parade heard the gospel from the teenaged daughter of one of our Grace House women, another of our women and a staff member shared with a young man at a skate park, and one of our women came upon a prostitute drug addict on a park bench and led her to Christ! Our ladies were a direct part of each of these people coming into the Kingdom, and they heard the stories of many more from the Antioch and Baton Rouge teams!

Thank you to all who gave financial support and/or prayer support to allow Grace House to go on mission to Baton Rouge! The trip had a lasting impact on the women, and has planted desires in their hearts for more adventures with God!

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