Saying Goodbye

Screen_Shot_2014_02_05_at_2.27.05_PMa20dc7A Joyfully Sad Farewell

In 2010, Brandy Honeysuckle almost died when her heart flat-lined twice in the hospital after an overdose. That’s when she finally came to Grace House. She completed the program and in 2011 she began Antioch’s Discipleship School and began serving as a volunteer at Grace House. While in the training school, her international mission trip took her to Namibia. The healing she received while in Grace House enabled her to share Jesus with broken women in a local brothel which was a highlight of her trip.

After completing the training school, Brandy moved back into Grace House, this time as an intern. This past October, she testified before the City Council on behalf of Grace House during our rezoning process. This gave her the opportunity to tell her story in a public forum, and to see the impact her story has on those who hear it.

Brandy’s internship at Grace House ended in January, and she has moved out of the house. It was a joyfully sad farewell, as we are sad to see her go, yet joyful to watch her take her next steps in the freedom she received from Jesus at Grace House! She has submitted an application to the Texas Department of Corrections to be able to minister to women there with the love of Jesus. She is missed at Grace House by both the ladies and the staff.  We are thankful for the impact she has had, and will continue to have, wherever God takes her.

Transition Home Update!

Things have been buzzing at the transition house! By that I mean buzz saws, hammering and lots of other wonderful sounds have been coming from the garage lately as the transformation continues.

Thanks to the hard work of Davey Gunter, Darrell Morris and Jim Dorman, as well as the men of Manna Works, and of course, the ladies of Grace House. Our transition home now has walls with paint on them, insulation, completed electrical work and a ceiling fan!

We are excited to watch as an old garage gets transformed into the place our ladies will one day call home as they transition out of Grace House to walk in the freedom they have found with Jesus!

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