Victory in the City!


New Horizons

We’ve had an extremely eventful couple of months here at Grace House! We had a big victory with the City of Waco. For the past 9 months, we’ve been on a journey to get a permit approved to allow us to increase our capacity here at Grace House. Just a couple of weeks ago our permit was finally approved by City Council! Praise God! The timing was absolutely prophetic. We spent 9 months carrying the process for this permit and finally our labor has come to fruition in the birth of a new vision for the future of addiction recovery in this city.

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Our journey was, and will be, instrumental in paving a way for other local churches to fund recovery homes, a vision the City of Waco shares and wants to see come to pass. The increased capacity here at Grace House comes in the form of a transition apartment on our property. The apartment will allow for greater health during transition for ladies who have come through the program. The ladies will be able to learn life skills, have a job and learn time management while still under the covering of Grace House. Councilwoman Toni Herbert, who was present at the city council meeting when the permit was approved said, “I look at this as a garden situation where people are given an opportunity to bloom. It’s pretty close to an ideal environment… We need to be willing to take a leap of faith.” The transition apartment should be ready to be furnished and livable in 6 to 8 weeks. God is on the move in this city!

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Right on the heels of the city approving our permit we were able to bring in two new ladies! The house is certainly bustling with new life and a new hope for the future as these ladies learn their true identity and value as daughters of King Jesus. It’s a beautiful and hopeful picture.

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