A Lot of New

New Life

Grace House is in full bloom this spring: New ladies have come into the home! New volunteers are serving! New interns are about to begin! Karla is getting close to her financial goal! We are excited about what God is doing in our midst!

photo1We’re Excited

New ladies have arrived!!!! Three new ladies are arriving this month. We are expectant to see God move in their lives. The first few days/weeks are a crucial time for new women in Grace House. Their primary role in the home these first few weeks will be resting and receiving. Their minds will be unwinding and learning to receive unconditional love and the truth that they are accepted for who they are.


10557_10100640698132693_1876280141_n.1Karla – nearing the GOAL!

We want to update you on Karla’s support progress. As you know, we raise financial support for our salaries. Karla has been DILIGENTLY working on letting people know what she’s doing and how they can help. We’ve watched her time and time again,put her faith in Father God and trust that He WILL provide for her. That’s where you could come in. If you would like to give to her, on a monthly basis or one-time, please respond to this email by clicking REPLY. Just let us know that you’re interested and we will contact you. Thank you in advance.

We love LA!!!

Louisiana that is. A team of students from Baton Rouge, LA served the house by working on the garage apartment, staining our deck and weeding the garden! They were a tremendous help and brought a lot of fun too.

Their work on the garage apartment was a huge blessing to the workers that are renovating it. The renovations on the upstairs section continue to move forward. It’s exciting to see the change happening.



As a result of a volunteer push a few Sundays ago at church, we’re getting over 20 new volunteers for the summer!!! This is definitely the timing of God since new ladies have moved in! Volunteers are an invaluable part of the house.

conGRADulations Sharon!!!!

After months of diligent study, Sharon passed her GED test! She not only will walk across the stage in her cap and gown, but also continues to walk out her freedom in Christ. Sharon says of her graduation, “The Lord is restoring to me what I missed out on long ago.” We are so proud of her and thankful for the many ways God has restored her life!21082_138399119677908_570478939_n

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