chastity’s story

photo-9The Holy Spirit brought to mind the song “God of the Impossible” as we were driving to Chastity’s new house in the country to celebrate a lady’s birthday. I thought of Chastity’s story and the remarkable stories of the ladies’ in the car driving with me. I was thinking about how God brought us all together from different backgrounds, made us a family and how He is the God of reconciliation. God has reconciled Chastity with her family.

Here is her story: Chastity’s name means pure, which is odd because according to the world she was anything but pure. She didn’t measure up to who the world said she should be. Full of rage and hate, she drank, a LOT…daily. Jesus came in, led her to GH, and saved her. And now she is living life with Jesus daily. She has been sober for 19 months and is dependent on Jesus: His life, death, burial, resurrection, presence. Jesus says in Rev. 21:5, “behold I make all things new. ” Jesus transformed everything! He made Chastity new and continues to give her abundant life.

Her once failed marriage now has a firm foundation and they will celebrate their one year of marriage in a couple of weeks. Her children do not see a drunk and out of control mom anymore. They have added a new baby girl who will not know the old Mommy. God has provided them a home that they pay nothing for…no bills…no rent. God provided her husband with a new job. They honor HIM and teach the kids to do the same. She never knew Life until she began living for GOD.

IMG_1961As we arrived at their new home, I saw all of her family there with her. She had bible verses everywhere as a reminder of God’s goodness to her and her family. I saw a family restored and free to have fun together, to enjoy each other.

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